It is undeniable that the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are sending shockwaves across the world with many business owners needing to pivot or completely rethink their strategy. It can certainly be very lonely at the top, with the continuing lockdowns seemingly cutting off avenues of collaboration and support, however 2020 has also demonstrated that the power of connecting online should not be underestimated.

To address the challenge of taking their women’s conference online, experienced Welsh businesswomen Dawn Evans and Tracey Smolinksi founded the Inspirational Women of the World (IWOW) community in 2020 to inspire, uplift and motivate fellow female entrepreneurs across the globe and provide them with conference, education, networking and support opportunities, to name but a few. Both are committed to inspiring more than one million people around the world by 2030. The community now has more than 4,000 engaged and diverse members from 80 different countries and counting.

Amazed by the women they have met and wanting to give them a platform to reach a wider audience, Inspirational Women of the World is a collection of 20 incredible women from the community sharing their extraordinary stories of strength and success. Additionally, a portion of the profits from the book sales will be donated to the building of an entrepreneurial village in Africa, with the first build commencing in 2021.

Each woman featured in the book has written their own chapter, revealing personal stories that will fascinate and inspire, covering topics such resilience, mindset and confidence. The women included are: Anita Lawrence, Melissa Curran, Rachel Brydon, Jan Mayfield, Leanne Eustace, Emma Chivers, Sandra Blake, Jenni Dunman, Claire Rees, Sheena Ytil, Joy Whitlock, Toni Clarkstone, Lynsey Anne Toft, Suzanne Burnell-Watts, Kerry Martin, LaChelle Adkins, Emily Nuttall, Karen Ramsey-Smith, Tracy Hill and Vix Munro.


The authors are located in Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Malaysia, Sweden, The Bahamas and the USA. Dawn and Tracey are passionate that the IWOW community not only provides connections and support, but creates friends for life.

Inspirational Women of the World is the perfect read for women seeking encouragement, support and motivation to keep going in the face of adversity, because all women have the power to achieve their dreams.