2San, a global supplier of high-quality innovative healthcare products and solutions, has launched a new smartphone application to support consumers using its rapid self-diagnostic tests and create an improved consumer experience.

The app, which is available to download via iOS and android, will allow the user to easily and quickly find key information around each of 2San’s tests. This will include which biomarkers (such as iron or Vitamin D)  the tests can detect, certification information, what the sample specimen is, and how to best understand and interpret the result. What’s more, the app will provide animated step-by-step guides on how to use each 2San test, and any preparation needed.

The app plays a key role in 2San’s ongoing mission and vision to give patients more control over the initial steps of their healthcare journey and overall enabling Better Care. Better Life. for all. Rapid self-diagnostic tests are widely accepted by consumers as a simple and accessible first step in their healthcare journey, with 91% of consumers happy with the process of self-diagnostic testing[1]. With a more user-friendly app, 2San is supporting consumers with better guidance and support for the new era of rapid self-diagnostic testing.

2San is working with partners in multiple countries and will be launching the app globally. It will be tailored to each market, showing only information for tests which are available to buy in that specific region.


A 2San spokesperson comments on the launch: “Our underpinning aim at 2San is Better Care. Better Life. We believe in driving healthcare innovation and in empowering consumers to take control of their own healthcare – never standing still and always scrutinising areas for continuous improvement. The launch of our new app is a perfect example of this. Each of our tests comes with user friendly kit inserts ensuring consumers have all of the necessary and relevant information. However, when looking at how we can further enhance the patient experience, we decided an interactive, easy-to-follow and visual app would be the best next step. We are confident the app will act as a support guide for consumers using our tests and make testing even more accurate, effective and efficient.”

[1] Research conducted by IPSOS for 2San, October 2022, based on responses from 1000 consumers