Alcohol-free G&T quenches thirst for Dry January

The premium, botanical, low-sugar, alcohol-free adult drink, ImmaculateTM  – being developed by the team at Women’s Enterprise Scotland – is being trialled exclusively at La Bonne Auberge in Glasgow, following a successful crowdfunder campaign.

Initially available as a 250ml pre-mix, Immaculate is being piloted in January and February whilst the team prepare for an official product launch in the spring.

It offers all the taste of a classic and zingy G&T but without the alcohol and was developed in conjunction with distiller, Hamish Martin, of The Secret Herb Garden in Edinburgh.

Immaculate delivers a zesty, sophisticated non-alcoholic grown-up drink, using six fragrant botanicals, including juniper, coriander, lemon balm, calendula and cardamom.


A recent successful crowdfunder campaign raised over £11,000 in seed funding last month, as well as an extra £2,500 after the project won third place out of hundreds of applications in a recent Back Her Business Side Hustle competition.

Immaculate co-founder and WES chair, Lynne Cadenhead, said: “We are delighted to be piloting Immaculate with the team at La Bonne Auberge. It has been a long journey to realise our vision for a completely natural non-alcoholic G&T which has been developed with authenticity, integrity and wellbeing at its heart, right here in Scotland.

“Designed as a welcome alternative to the sugar and chemical laden choices that are currently on offer, the pilot will allow us to gain valuable market insight before we launch officially in a few months.”

She continued: “La Bonne Auberge have been incredibly supportive and helpful and we are thrilled that they are hosting this exclusively pilot during Dry January, allowing anyone who is looking for a premium, botanical alcohol-free the opportunity to try Immaculate for themselves whilst stocks last.

“Over a quarter of consumers are now saying that they are looking to cut down their alcohol consumption and more than four million across the UK now do Dry January annually. The potential for growth across the market for non-alcoholic alternative drinks for grown-ups is significant.”

Commenting on behalf of La Bonne Auberge, general manager, Marc Jones, said: “The arrival of Immaculate marks a new chapter for the drinks market and will no doubt be a welcome addition to those seeking a 100 per cent taste, zero per cent alcohol alternative.

“Within La Bonne Auberge, we are extremely proud of our extensive Gin selection, where the majority of choices available originate in Scotland. We are therefore delighted to have been invited to pilot this innovative new Scottish product and firmly believe Immaculate will quickly and firmly establish itself with guests looking for a tasty new G&T alternative.”

The entrepreneurial team behind Immaculate have pledged that 50 per cent of the profits from the new business will go to support projects which help women to start and grow their own businesses.

Cadenhead concluded: “Just 20 per cent of SMEs in Scotland are majority owned by women[1] and this persistent gender gap is woeful. Until we provide the expert, gender specific support which women business leaders stand to benefit from, we are literally leaving millions of pounds on the table which could be going into the Scottish economy.”