BN - 0525 - Bricklaying Apprentice Jack O'Neill with his Heroes

After a resident at Barratt Homes’ Lake View development in Corby called for help, 20 year old Jack O’Neill stepped up to help save her life.

Jack has worked at Barratt Homes as a Bricklaying Apprentice for three years, and recently became a local hero after performing CPR on the resident.

Jack said: “I had just arrived at work when a resident was calling for help from her window. My colleague Adam Lake and I made the quick decision to call for an ambulance.

“The resident’s daughter, Diane, arrived shortly after to look after her mother, but we stayed nearby in case they needed help.

“Shortly after we heard a scream from Diane, so we rushed in to find that the resident had fallen unconscious. Fortunately, I had previous experience of performing CPR so I got straight to it.

“I performed CPR for about 15 minutes, whilst Adam and Assistant Site Manager, Claude Wallace, waited for and directed the ambulance.”

Since the incident, Diane posted the story on Facebook in the hope of contacting Jack and to thank him for his heroics. The post has now received over 500 likes and many comments of praise. Diane has also confirmed that her mother is now doing well.

Jack added: “I have spoken to Diane since, and she was very grateful for all of our help. It has been lovely to see the kind messages through Facebook. It was a big team effort, and I want to say a big thanks to Adam Lake, Claude Wallace and Steve Mills in particular for their roles in helping save the resident’s life.”

Amer Alkhalil, Managing Director at Barratt Homes Northampton, said: “We’re incredibly proud of Jack and the team for their heroic  actions in helping save the life of one of our residents.

“They all deserve every credit being given to them for their actions , and we’re grateful to have such brave and selfless characters as part of our team. It is important to us that we’re building a strong community for our residents, as well as creating a positive team spirit between our employees.”