Benefex announces free use of OneHub recognition tool for businesses

The people behind employee experience platform, OneHub, have announced they will be giving away their workplace recognition platform for organisations implementing remote working during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Benefex, the employee experience technology provider behind OneHub, has announced it will be giving organisations six months’ free access to its workplace recognition tool, OneHub|Recognition. The announcement comes following a mass increase in business shutdowns and remote working, amid the spread of coronavirus.

Having won over 50 awards for its global employee benefits platform, reward and recognition technology, and internal communications software, Benefex’s OneHub|Recognition tool is available on Android, iOS and desktop. The workplace social platform allows employees to recognise co-workers against company values and say ‘thank you’ using GIFs, videos and memes.

Benefex shared that it will be giving businesses access to OneHub|Recognition in the hopes of supporting employees around the world to stay connected with colleagues, and reducing anxiety or loneliness, amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


Benefex Founder and CEO, Matt Macri-Waller explains:
“This is an unprecedented time for organisations. At Benefex, we are lucky to be in a position to implement company-wide remote working, which we have done. But for many organisations, this is uncharted territory. Businesses must stick together and focus on supporting not only our employees but each other – which is why we felt it was so important to give away access to OneHub|Recognition. From board members through to those on the shop floor, in the contact centre or cleaning the office – employers need to show that we are still here, we are still listening, we are still a community.”

Lauren Goldgrub, General Manager of OneHub|Recognition, said:
“Recognition tools have never been more important for employees and employers alike. It’s up to employers to set the tone for a newly-remote workforce – tools like OneHub|Recognition encourage us to continue showing our human side, saying ‘thank you’, and keeping our culture strong even amid the uncertainty.”

If you are an organisation implementing widespread remote working, Benefex will be answering all of your questions about OneHub|Recognition during a free webinar on 31st March, where you can also sign up to the free six-month trial. Register at