Jim Shirley - FundingHero and Javan Bramhall - Digital Glue

The West Midlands faces a problem. It is a region full of startups, fuelled by innovative entrepreneurs and founders. However a problem arises when that start up needs to scale up. This is where FundingHero steps in. Aimed at supporting businesses with great ideas and a product already taken to market, FundingHero is the missing step in the West Midlands ecosystem. The company specialises in providing chief financial officer level strategic investment readiness support for high growth startups. It enters the equation when startups are seeking to raise external funding to enable them to start their scaleup journey.

Digital Glue, long term partners of Midven, the region’s leading venture capital business, and deeply embedded in the West Midlands startup sector, is partnering with FundingHero as sponsors of the 2024 fundraising accelerator cohort, starting on 19th January. The marketing agency owner Javan Bramhall is also joining FundingHero as an advisor. He will be offering more than 20 years of marketing knowledge and expertise to help startups, from communicating their journey in pitches and presentation decks, to positioning themselves within the market to achieve the growth they need.

Business Leader reported that several regions in the Midlands struggled to create scale ups in 2023. The same report shows that across the UK, the number of new scale ups had fallen by 16% over the past 12 months. With regional funds like MEIF and West Midlands Co-Investment Fund, both managed by Midven, part of Future Planet Capital, there is no shortage of money available in the region. The issue is businesses being investment ready.

Empowering more startups to embark on their investment readiness journey, and supporting them through this will create more scaleups in the region. This brings with it more opportunities for jobs, innovation, and for Birmingham to continue its legacy of innovation and industry.