Boris Johnson at G.Network’s Fibre Academy and Engineering Yard last week

The full fibre broadband provider GNetwork welcomed PM Boris Johnson to its Fibre Academy and Engineering Yard last week.

During his visit, Mr Johnson was shown around by GNetwork co-founders Sasho Veselinski (CEO) and David Sangster (COO). He was treated to a lesson on how to splice fibre and make it light up; met many members of staff; and was shown GNetwork’s life-like training facilities. These include a ‘training street’ so engineers can learn to install fibre in real-life conditions. In honour of the visit, the street has been named Boris Avenue.

The Engineering Yard, which is in Boris Johnson’s constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, is at the heart of GNetwork’s field-based operations. As well as being an engineering base, the Yard is home to the GNetwork Fibre Academy, a bespoke facility to train the next generation of broadband engineers.

GNetwork has recruited hundreds of staff via its ‘Reskillship’ programme, which takes those without any previous experience and trains them in the Fibre Academy to be fully qualified fibre engineers in as little as five months. GNetwork’s substantial apprenticeship programme is also part-based in the Fibre Academy.

In addition, existing engineers regularly visit the Fibre Academy to polish existing skills and learn new ones. Boris Johnson was introduced to several apprentices and reskillers during his visit. He was also invited to open and switch on a cabinet during his visit.

Boris Johnson said: “It was fantastic to have the opportunity to visit GNetwork’s new Engineering Yard and Fibre Academy which is being used to train up the next generation of high skilled fibre engineers we need to help us to deliver on our commitment to build fast reliable broadband for everyone in the UK.”

GNetwork CEO Sasho Veselinski said, “It was a real pleasure to welcome Boris Johnson to GNetwork’s Fibre Academy and Engineering Yard. As a significant employer in his constituency, we wanted to demonstrate how engineers are being trained to the highest standards to work on our network. We thank him for his time and his interest, and look forward to staying in touch.”