The new range of air and surface sanitisers from Bothongo Hygiene Solutions are ideal for the post-Covid era

A thriving hygiene company which recently celebrated achieving £5 million-worth of sales in its first year has unveiled a range of surface and air sanitisers ideally suited to the post-COVID era.

The products launched by Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK have been tested to the most stringent EN Standards and are designed for use in many sectors including front of house areas in restaurants, bars and hotels as well as offices and education establishments.

The range includes:

Covid Guard Air Sanitiser: Described as ‘perfect for all regularly occupied spaces’, the subtly berry fragranced product has been independently tested for anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses within a rapid time frame.

Covid Guard Virucidal Fragranced: Available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulars, this powerful citrus fragrance product is still 99.5 percent effective against bacteria after three days, including enveloped viruses such as the novel Coronavirus. It also passes EN1276 with 30 seconds contact at a dilution of one percent in clean conditions. Its outstanding performance marks it out as ideal for common touch points in hotels, offices and front of house bar and restaurant areas.

Covid Guard 80% Ethanol Aerosol Spray: This fragrance-free product is also effective against enveloped viruses including Coronavirus with five minutes contact time, and is perfect for common touch surfaces in schools, offices, hotels and universities, among others.

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions – based in offices in the Northamptonshire countryside near Towcester – is a sister company to InnuScience, the established manufacturer of biotechnology cleaning products, and the same UK sales team is responsible for both companies.

Nick Winstone, CEO of Bothongo Hygiene Solutions, said: “The approach to hygiene is changing post-2020 and we have launched over 160 new products that are aligned to a post-COVID era, including our industry-leading range of air and surface sanitisers.

“Bothongo Hygiene’s mission is to provide best in class, value-based cleaning products, in a fun and simple fashion. Our vision is a world where people can live with confidence, knowing they are protected against pathogens by the use of our products to clean their environments”.