Despite a growing understanding of the importance of a more strategic approach to employee wellbeing and productivity, incidents of workplace stress and burnout remain at an ever-alarming level. The TUC polling revealed that more than half of workers (55%) feel work had become more intense and demanding, spilling over into their private lives.

Between pandemic-induced fatigue, the deteriorating economic situation, and concerns about jobs and the future, we are witnessing a workforce sustainability crisis. Faced with this challenge, leaders and managers must address the changing needs of their teams and provide them with much-needed support if they want to unlock individual and business sustainability.

Brave New Leader by Vicky Smith and Lesley Cooper comes to their aid. Drawing on first-hand knowledge gained from over 25 years as wellbeing and performance consultants, the authors offer a practical guide on how to turn work pressure into growth. The book’s greatest value lies in the fact that it is not only aimed at leaders, but also employees looking to create sustainable productivity.

While pressure is an integral part of a dynamic workplace, chronic stress shouldn’t be. And although there is an increasing number of different personal support systems, employees still struggle with overwhelming stress, job burnout, and fear of speaking out.


Now more than ever, transformation is needed in the way teams are managed, but also in the way people approach work. In their new book, Vicky and Lesley present their step-by-step BRAVE methodology to help leaders and employees be the change they want to see at work to create healthy workplaces.

According to the authors, what it takes to challenge a workplace culture that perpetuates fear is bravery and courage. Brave New Leader shows readers how to develop and use these to turn the dial in the opposite direction, utilising pressure to drive growth and improved performance.

The book serves as a toolkit for creating a safe space where everyone feels able to speak openly and wants to contribute to combating stress and burnout. It is the ideal read to help anyone step into their courageous, authentic self and become the leader or the team member others wish to emulate.

“Wherever you are in your company hierarchy, we hope this book is a call to arms. It will help you rebuild your energy and resilience and end your silent (and likely grumbling or frustrated) compliance with the established way of doing things,” said Vicky and Lesley.

Brave New Leader: How to Transform Workplace Pressure into Sustainable Performance and Growth is published by Right Book Press and available on Amazon.