How to get started in buying shares.

London based Trading 212 has been shaking-up retail share trading for over four years by slamming the commissions charged by many of the traditional share brokers and opening share dealing to beginners.

Share dealing has traditionally been the domain of city boys in suites, but now anyone with a tiny amount of spare cash can make a potential profit from shares in Amazon, Ebay, AirBNB and many other fast growth businesses.

Here’s a short guide to Trading 212 to get you started including information about how to get free shares worth up to £100.

What makes Trading 212 one of the best shares app?

Historically, share brokers have charged fees in order to by shares. This can off-putting for new investors with smaller budgets.


If you’re new to investing in stocks and shares, Trading 212 is a zero commission investment platform that you can run as an easy to use mobile app.

Zero commission share buying and selling is where Trading 212 really shines. Using the Trading 212 app, you can purchase small amounts of shares, sell them following day (week, month or year) without a direct fee being charged.

How to by fraction shares Amazon, Google, Tesla, Netflix or AirBNB?

Many individual shares are prohibitively expensive for many people to even buy just one share. For example, Amazon shares are over $3000 each (at the time of writing). If you’ve only a small amount of free cash, but you want to try to make some money from Amazon’s extraordinary growth, Trading 212 let’s you buy fractions of most shares.

Should I use Trading 212 Invest or Trading 212 ISA?
Trading 212 Invest and Trading 212 ISA are virtually the same. However, if you’re looking for a tax-free stocks and shares investment then Trading 212 ISA is for you.

A Trading 212 ISA is a tax-sheltered account, meaning that any capital gains or dividends you receive are tax free. Even when decide to withdraw your money from your Trading 212 ISA, there’s no tax to pay.

There are limitations to Trading 212 ISA – you can only pay in £20,000 per year (2020 to 2021 tax year).

How to get free shares worth up to £100

Trading 212 run an affiliate scheme that’s amazing for first time investors. If you sign-up for a Trading 212 Invest account using an affiliate link – after you’ve activated your account and deposited a minimum amount (£10 is usually ample), you’ll then be given a free share worth up to £100. You just have to make sure you use an affiliate link such as this one:

OR you can type in this code HEpvLMkr into the “Use promo code” area of your Trading 212 app.