Deal brings Pentaho data analytics platform to market via a managed services offering

Camwood, a leading IT consultancy specialising in digital evolution through the lens of applications, today announces a strategic partnership with Pentaho to bring its data analytics platform to market via a new managed services offering.

With almost 25 years of experience helping customers optimise applications, Camwood has entered into a master service agreement with Pentaho, subsidiary of the Japanese multinational conglomerate Hitachi, to offer data assessments, migration to optimised storage and ongoing management to ensure customers are deriving maximum value from their data assets.

The strategic partnership with the trusted Pentaho brand provides a number of business benefits to end users. Organisations can bring structure to their data with a comprehensive data catalogue, so they know what they have, who has access to it, where each data piece is located and why they have it. Less time is spent on data and more time on core operations.


Users can leverage these data insights without relying on expensive technical expertise and time-consuming manual processes, with Camwood helping to identify data challenges and apply the technology to fixing those problems. For example, organisations will be able to quickly access and retrieve the right data when receiving FOI and data requests, with a dependable, accurate and single source of truth for compliance and auditability.

Where organisations are looking to tap into emerging technologies, such as AI integrations, Camwood’s managed service can enable organisations to organise their data correctly so they can leverage new tools effectively, alongside mission critical applications and activities. AI-ready data is labelled, normalised and organised for easy parsing and providing meaningful insight.

The underlying technology of Camwood’s new service, the Pentaho platform, is agnostic of any data source, and is one of the only products on the market with this capability. It is also able to work on-premise, in a data centre, a hybrid setup or a pure cloud environment.

“Our core services since our inception have revolved around the assessment, modernisation and management of applications for our customers, and we’re looking forward to applying that same mindset to our new data services offering. The Pentaho brand needs no introduction. With our services wrapped around the best-in-class Pentaho platform, our customers can unlock insights from their data like never before,” says Andrew Carr, Managing Director, Camwood.

“Data analytics platforms have been an industry hot topic for a number of years, but few organisations have made effective use of them. It’s clear that Camwood’s technical staff are well versed in the platform’s capabilities, making the organisation the ideal business partner to build a bespoke service around the Pentaho platform and enable customers to gain full value from their investment. We look forward to working with Camwood to build Pentaho’s presence in the market,” says Yannick Schlaeppi, Global Director of Partnerships., Pentaho.