National Customer Service Week – an event spearheaded by the UK Institute of Customer Service – offers an opportunity to reflect on current customer services practices, celebrate the achievements of those doing it well, and offer inspiration to others looking to revitalise their customer service programmes.

Eduardo Crespo, EMEA Vice President at Medallia, a leading experience management company, has said the following of the news:

“The UK business economy has been rocked over the last couple of years. From Brexit, to COVID-19 and recent supply chain disruptions, UK businesses and organisations faced a turbulent business landscape and an uphill scramble to retain customers. National Customer Service Week serves as a timely reminder of the valuable role that customer service can play in boosting loyalty, particularly in challenging periods.

“It has been proven to us through our work with leading UK and Global brands, time and time again, that customer experience – and excellent customer experience at that – is the linchpin of a brand’s success story and the secret to delivering profitable growth. As organisations settle into a “new normal”, now is the time to assess whether customer service practices remain fit for purpose and address the needs of a multi-generational, enlightened and digitally-savvy customer base or have room for improvement.

“The reality is there is always something that we can do to make our customer service offering better. If you’re listening to your customers, gathering their feedback, and acting on this information, you’re off to a great start. However, we can’t rest on our laurels. As we look at today’s pace of business disruption, we ought to raise our standards to best practices, and regear the business to stay ahead of what’s next in a fast-changing consumer landscape. In this environment, you cannot forget to capture the views of the silent customer (the majority of your customer base that explores your digital properties and may not comment on social media or leave reviews), as well as that of your employees, as this is often where the most helpful insights can be found for sources of innovation. After all, it is these people – and their experiences with your brand – that hold the key to the future success of your organisation.”