Caution Your Blast digitises online legal paperwork to help couples marry abroad

A UK digital practice has cut the eligibility application process for marriage in a foreign country from months to days for couples wanting to wed abroad.

Caution Your Blast has just completed a project to digitise the eligibility approval service for UK citizens planning to marry overseas. The new offering, part of the UK’s large volume of services to be digitalised, will enable couples applying for eligibility to marry abroad to do so online in certain countries. Previously, this was an arduous paperwork project requiring applicants to rely on postal forms to be filled in, processed, and returned by hard copy.

The project, commissioned in October last year, took just four months to complete, and delivers a huge saving in time and satisfaction for citizens taking the plunge abroad.

“With international marriage applications, there can be an overwhelming amount of detail to be submitted and obtained from both sides. We are delighted at the speed and results of this initiative as it has enabled us to deliver a wonderful public service to UK citizens,” said Richard Grove, director at Caution Your Blast.


“It has been a rewarding project, and we hope to share learnings with many other government departments that are looking at digital transformation in other service offerings.”