CEO of Bark & Birch, Nick Rijniers with his German Shepherd, Thor.

British company Bark & Birch Global Dog Services, who operate in the UK, Ireland and Portugal has gone global this year, launching in LA, Houston, Miami, New York and Georgia and continues to grow rapidly across the USA. This month has also seen the Global Dog Services company expand into Sao Paulo, Brazil with several Doggy Day-cares opening across the city and the hiring of several new trainers.

CEO of Bark & Birch Nick Rijniers, who is only 28 has managed to lead the Global Dog Services company to global success in two short years, turning over $8 million dollars in the second year of business and the company predicted to be valued at $100 million in 2022 after a further investment round.

Rijniers, who started his career off in the Dutch Special Forces, training German and Belgian Shepherds started the company in 2019 in the UK with only two members of staff. Bark & Birch now has over 100 staff members globally and trains over 1000 dogs a month.The ethos of the company is to give both dogs and their owners a better life together.

Rijniers started the company with a view to providing an all-encompassing dog services company to include, doggy day-care, training, boarding and grooming as a one stop shop so that owners don’t have to drop their precious pups at various different places and for Bark & Birch to be the full trusted provider of dog services globally.

Already operating in full force in the UK and the USA, Bark & Birch has now hired highly experienced Head Trainers across 15 state in the USA,  including New York, New Jersey, Texas, Philadelphia, Georgia, Washington, Maryland,  Ohio, Dallas, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia and many more states.Many of the head trainers are ex-military and retired servicemen or women,

The company plans to rapidly develop across all of the remaining US states this year, with the recruitment of an additional 75 plus dog trainers plus 25 support staff. Bark & Birch will also expand into Sao Paulo, Brazil later this month and then Canada.

Nick Rijniers, CEO and Founder of Bark & Birch said:

“ We help thousands of dogs a month and we want to help even more every month become the best that they can be. I spent years working in big technology companies and have trained lots of dogs in the Dutch Army, it started with me training my friend’s badly behaved dogs and I realised that there aren’t many trainers who can deal with reactive dogs and it became apparent that I could build a company with something I am passionate about and have the satisfaction of helping these people and their dogs.

“What we have managed to achieve in two years is massive.

We managed to get this business from nothing to a Global fragmented business providing physical in person services across multiple countries and cultures whilst going through a Global Pandemic!

“It has always meant so much to me when we have someone calling us crying tears of happiness that we have helped their dogs and changed their lives and given their dogs a second chance and  chance to have a better life

“The decision to launch our services across the USA and Brazil came quite naturally and was a logical step on our business growth strategy. We are very excited about this new market as we have already seen great success In LA and California. We’ve already welcomed many Board and Train dogs with fantastic results from our high quality trainers.

“We will continue to establish closer ties in the USA and Brazilian market while creating  many jobs as part of our recruitment drive and will then expand into more countries globally.”

“We already run residential training, day-care and grooming services and we are on a mission to become the largest provider of dog services globally, also developing new technology and digital methods to really grow Bark & Birch. Our goal hasn’t changed since we first started, help dogs and their owners lead happier lives together!”

Bark & Birch currently train almost 1000 dogs a month. The team of highly experienced dog behaviourists and ex-police/army dog handlers rehabilitate and teach basic and advanced obedience, either as part of a residential ‘Board and Train’ Program or through a series of private one to one sessions.

During the Bark & Birch Board and Train Programs, dogs will be boarded at the homes of their trainers, enjoying home comforts for the duration of their program alongside their training.  The company provides daily video and photo updates, as well as progress reports for owners.

The company will always strive to build customised programs around each dog, knowing that every dog is unique and different.

​Bark & Birch is a British company and now one of the most successful dog service providers in the UK. and Ireland.

Bark & Birch Trainers are comprised of the highest quality of dog behaviourists, ex-police/army dog handlers and highly trained canine experts.