Penny Dee with her first book

Cheadle’s Penny Dee has written and released her first book, entitled KWEENS Happiness Decoded.


The 172-page novel, which is available in print and audible, is a fascinating insight into the world of women and what it means to be a woman today.  It is based on Penny’s own experiences and was initially inspired by the thousands of conversations she has had with clients in her Cheadle-based skincare clinic over the years.



At the heart of the book, which has fast become am Amazon bestseller, is female empowerment; it celebrates all the extraordinary women in the world who courageously navigate the twists and turns of life and take on board today’s complexities with strength, resilience and spirit.  From the workplace and relationships to motherhood, children, the menopause and health, each topic is authentically explored.


Penny says: “I am a real woman’s woman and this book is all about the female experience, both the positive and negative.  It’s a journey from a female perspective to the pursuit of happiness, which incorporates the challenges women encounter, emotions that shape experiences and the outstanding ability females have to carve out their own unique paths.


“At times, as a woman, it feels like the world is not on our side.  KWEENS Happiness Decoded is my way of showing that I am on your side always.  I want women to read my book and feel empowered, enlightened and inspired.”


The idea for Penny’s book first arose many years ago when she left the world of corporate sales to embark upon her own journey of self-discovery and happiness.  Penny wanted a new career, one that worked for her, and set up several successful businesses in the clinical sector including DPC Clinic on Stockport Road, followed by SKINGOAL, a luxury clinical grade skincare range.



Not one to rest on her laurels, Penny has more recently established herself as a motivational speaker and podcaster, where she puts her spin on life observations with a focus on happiness.


She adds: “After leaving the corporate world, which at the time was very male-orientated, where I was working long hours for someone else, I wanted my career to suit me and my life.


“I have always taken pride in my appearance and decided to train as a skin specialist, offering bespoke skincare, aesthetics and laser therapy.  My husband was already well established in permanent make up and medical tattooing, so our skill set complemented each other and the DPC Clinic was formed.


“It was at the clinic that I met so many wonderful women, all with interesting yet individual stories to tell.  I was inspired by them, and together with my own life experiences, KWEENS became a reality.”


Penny’s book has been published by boutique publishing house Book Bubble Press and is available online through Amazon for £12.99.  The audible version of KWEENS is available for purchase on Audible, iTunes and Amazon.