An independent children’s book publisher in Congleton has teamed up with Rainforest Trust UK for their latest project: The Problem with Poppy, the debut picture book by author Emma Sandford.

Emma Sandford approached Full Media Ltd with her story having seen their considerable success with their previous publication, One Night in Beartown, by Nick Jones. The company raised over £4,000 last year via Kickstarter, gaining support from around 20 Congleton-based businesses as well as securing hundreds of pre-orders from individuals.

The company have signed an agreement with Rainforest Trust UK which guarantees that, if the Kickstarter is successful and the book is published, £1 per book sale will go to the charity, helping to protect the rainforests and the wildlife that inhabit them.

“The publisher and I agreed that Rainforest Trust UK would be the perfect charity to support,” said author Emma, “as the book is set in a rainforest and follows the unlikely friendship between a porcupine and a tiger cub. The book touches on the dangers of poaching in a child-friendly way, so it makes sense for us to support Rainforest Trust UK as much as we can.”

As well as having an environmental element, the book also teaches children to be kind and accepting towards others. Poppy the porcupine is defensive due to her difficult past, and her new friend helps her overcome her trust issue. This is a theme that is rarely covered in a children’s book, but having battled with such issues herself due to traumatic events in her own life, Emma believes it is important to teach youngsters that while a defence mechanism is needed, there is a time and a place to use it, as Poppy discovers in the story’s action-packed climax.

Rainforest Trust UK’s Fundraising Manager Vicky Wallace said this about the book:

“We love the message of The Problem with Poppy, the story has so much heart. We hope the Kickstarter is successful and the book gets published, as the £1 donation per book sale will do a lot of good for endangered species and rainforest protection.”

The Kickstarter target is £2,500, which covers the costs of illustrations and printing for the first run of 1,000 copies. Emma and Full Media have devised a range of attractive pledge rewards aimed at individuals, businesses and schools. The package for businesses costs £75 and includes five signed copies of the book, an RTUK certificate for saving 20 acres of rainforest, and the company’s name in the book.

If you are a business owner looking for an inexpensive way to promote your company while saving rainforests at the same time, please check out Full Media’s Kickstarter today.