Joanna De Rycke and Kev Burrows, Directors at Iron & Fire Coffee

A Shrewsbury coffee shop and speciality roaster has responded to its customer’s love of great coffee with an extended range of ‘at home’ coffee machines and other peripherals to purchase.

Located alongside Shrewsbury’s iconic train station, Iron & Fire’s ‘The Hatch’ has built a loyal customer base since opening 18 months ago and many regulars also subscribe to its coffee at home service.  It was demand from these customers that led to the decision to stock a range of coffee machines and other accessories at The Hatch, as Iron & Fire’s Founder, Kev Burrows, explains:

“Our direct-to-consumer subscription coffee business has more than tripled in size since the start of the pandemic, highlighting our customer’s desire for a quality coffee at home.

“However, many of our regulars at The Hatch had asked about the best machines and accessories to use at home, so it made sense to bring them exactly what they want.  We already supply coffee machines to our wholesale partners, and they’ve been available to consumers to buy via our website, but now they can chat to one of the team face to face and complete their purchase there and then.”


The Hatch now stocks an extensive range of Sage coffee machines starting from £259, all the way through to the Sage Touch which, at £999, provides the ultimate café experience at home.  A wide range of other coffee brewing equipment including aero presses, V60 coffee drippers and Chemex coffeemakers is also available along with all Iron & Fire’s coffees, including its special Christmas blends – and the return of the ever-popular “Santa’s Bean” – available individually or as part of gift sets.  In fact, anything that is available on Iron & Fire’s website can be collected from The Hatch or the nearby roastery located in Castle Gates.

Purchasers of the Sage coffee machines are also assured of a value-add service as Iron & Fire offers a full set-up and training support package at the roastery as standard.

Reaction to The Hatch’s extended product range has been positively received since launching last month and is anticipated to grow in the run up to Christmas.  Kev continues:

“The cost-of-living has forced people to review how they spend their money.  It’s clear, though, that a desire remains to indulge in certain luxuries.  For some this is a beauty treatment, for others a meal out but it’s apparent to us that for many people, life’s simply too short for bad coffee!

“This is even more pronounced as we approach Christmas, with people wanting to buy presents that are truly wanted and, more importantly, that will get used!”