Com Bossa

Suzanne and Richard Ulph, the award-winning creative minds behind Com Bossa, embarked on their journey in 2005 when they tied the knot and crafted their own distinctive wedding invitations. Unable to find the understated style they were looking for, they set out to provide an alternative. Little did they know, this endeavour would blossom into a thriving business, driven by love, style, and a commitment to sustainability.

Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Rio de Janeiro, where ‘com bossa’ signifies doing things with passion, style, and individuality, Suzanne and Richard adopted a unique approach to design. They embraced the philosophy of ‘less is more,’ believing that true elegance lies in simplicity and refinement. Their creations embody this ethos, resonating with those who appreciate unique design, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and authenticity.

At the heart of Com Bossa’s ethos lies a dedication to ethical practices and environmental stewardship. Rejecting the notion that luxury should come at the expense of the planet, their wedding cards are FSC Certified, sourced from sustainable materials, and packaged without plastic. Partnering with like-minded suppliers, they ensure that every aspect of their operations aligns with their values.

Based in Ayrshire, Scotland, the wife, and husband team have created beautiful bespoke wedding stationery for couples from Aberdeen to Antigua, London to Lisbon and from Melbourne to Miami and can translate your invitation into any language.


“We celebrate love and connection in every wondrous way,” says Suzanne. “Our mission is to capture the essence of our clients’ love stories and share their joy through our meticulously crafted stationery.”

Their commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Recently named the Winners of Wedding Stationery Supplier of the Year 2024 at the Scottish Wedding Awards, Suzanne and Richard are deeply honoured by the recognition from their clients. “This award means a lot as it is driven by nominations for our clients. To have the support of such amazing couples really brings into focus why we do what we do.” Richard remarks.

With over 2,500 couples served and more than a quarter of a million recipients of their invitations, Com Bossa has become synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Their extensive collection boasts hand-drawn venue illustrations, traditional hot foil printing, and bespoke designs tailored to clients’ unique preferences.

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Suzanne and Richard to reflect on their purpose, leading to the creation of Com Bossa Studio, an extension of their brand focused on fostering love and connection through stationery beyond weddings. This expansion garnered them recognition as the Best Luxury Stationery Retailer in 2022.

As Com Bossa continues to redefine luxury wedding stationery, Suzanne and Richard remain dedicated to their core values of passion, style, and sustainability. With each invitation crafted, they seek to encapsulate the essence of love, celebrating the beauty of connections that transcend borders and cultures.

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