The Boutique Workplace Company is transforming the unloved but iconic building at 73 Watling Street into stylish, boutique offices aimed at SMEs with a hybrid workforce, post-Covid.

Set to open this spring, all offices feature smart TVs to connect workers with a hybrid or remote workforce. Smack bang in the heart of the City, the characterful and historic location of Watling Street promises occupants a spectacular view from the building’s rooftop terrace and easy access to the popular shops below, including the renowned Porterford Butcher’s.

SMEs can move in from 1st March 2022 and enjoy the building’s ample amenities, as well as access to 11 of The Boutique Workplace Company offices and meeting rooms across the capital.

Dan Wheble at The Boutique Workplace Company, comments, “The way we work has evolved massively in the last two years and we’re thrilled to see more and more businesses understanding the benefits of working for smaller, boutique companies offering flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness.

“Our model is based on quirky buildings that fit small-medium sized businesses. They have character but needed careful planning to refit and are suited to smaller companies. This is where a building like Watling Street really shines. Plus it has amenities such as outdoor areas and smart TVs in every office, making it an innovative space post-covid.”

The Boutique Workplace company offers a curated collection of iconic buildings in London and beyond.

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