Coronavirus Lockdown has Prompted Unexpected 'Playtime' Increase for Britain's Dogs PitPat Reveals

As households across the UK adjust to the new sanctions restricting outdoor activity, it seems that this has had a delightfully positive outcome for the nation’s dogs.

Amid concerns that the restrictions would negatively impact on their dog’s health, owners have been finding creative ways to top up their pup’s exercise at home; resulting in a ‘playrise’ for our canine friends!

Due to unprecedented levels of “humans being at home”, PitPat (makers of the UK’s #1 dog activity monitor) have reported an 11% increase in playtime in just one week! The company also reported a 16% increase in dog activity overall, proving that owners will go to great lengths to keep their dogs healthy whilst in lockdown.

PitPat CEO, Andrew Nowell said:


“We couldn’t be more delighted to see this spike in activity at such a difficult time but it seems that nothing can get in the way of Britain’s love for dogs!

“As well as being a fantastic form of exercise, research shows that playtime benefits dogs on many levels which is why we also record play activity in the PitPat app.

“It is great to see something positive come out of all this uncertainty, and it is wonderful to see dogs getting a playrise.”

PitPat Vet Ambassador, Dr Rory Cowlam said:

“As a vet and a dog lover I was worried about the effect lockdown might have on the health of our nation’s dogs and I was incredibly relieved to hear PitPat’s latest findings.

“It is fantastic that people are using technology like PitPat to make sure their dog is getting the right amount of exercise for their age and breed. It is great to see the general public are so aware of making sure their dogs stay fit and healthy, as well as themselves in these difficult times.”

As we move closer to ‘week 3’ of lockdown the fate of the country is uncertain but we can, at least, take heart from the fact that the fate of the nation’s dogs is in good hands.