A Coventry manufacturer at the forefront of protecting the public and buildings from potential terrorist vehicle attacks at key locations around the world has landed its first export order in Finland.

Safetyflex Barriers has won a contract to supply its anti-terrorist bollards for a major government project to protect key infrastructure in the Nordic nation.

The company designs and manufactures a range of bollards and barriers which are capable of stopping large vehicles from being used as deadly weapons.

They help to secure potentially vulnerable areas such as shopping centres, sports stadiums, government buildings, military, utilities and key infrastructure centres.


Its specialist technology and cutting-edge designs have resulted in major contracts overseas including Europe, the US and Australia, with export now accounting for over a third of business and on course to grow to half within two years.

Marcus Gerrard, director at Safetyflex Barriers, said: “We are really pleased to win our first project in Finland as part of our ongoing expansion into new international markets.

“We are securing major contracts around the world because we can offer something totally different. Most anti-terrorist bollards are very large and round, and can look overbearing whereas our Truckstopper designs are slimline and oval, and more aesthetically-pleasing.

“They can be hidden within street furniture such as planters or bike racks around the public realm and often passers-by are unaware that they are a barrier to stopping a large vehicle travelling at speeds of up to 80mph.
“A shallow foundation size of only 20cm also means that they can be set up without the need to re-divert utilities which makes them highly cost-effective.”

The company has been invited to give a high-profile presentation to government officials in Finland and hopes this first project will lead to others being secured elsewhere in the country.

Marcus added: “It is a significant step in our planned export drive and provides the platform for us to build a strong presence in Finland.”