Brexit is making headlines once again as we enter the final stages of the Boris Johnson era. The cost of living crisis and underfunding of public services is being blamed on the divisive referendum, which took place six years ago.

As the initial vitriol between Leavers and Remainers subsides, only now are we able to look at the 2016 vote with a different perspective. Fortunately, when we may need it most, a little bit of levity can alleviate the present struggles we all have to manage.

Political satire ‘This Bloody Country’ by Mark E. Wilson provides laughs, romance, and a minor incident of art theft, set against the backdrop of the Brexit referendum.

Frankie is an ordinary Philosophy student from Birmingham until he receives an unexpected visit from the Home Office. Facing the threat of deportation to a small South American country he has never been to before, there seems to be no fighting the hostile environment of pre-Brexit Britain.


However, the intervention of an idealistic revolutionary at the coffee shop he works at gives Frankie the opportunity to change the destiny of an oppressed minority and stop his imminent expulsion. All he needs to do is a little bit of burglary, keep the secret from his new girlfriend, and stop his argumentative flatmates from killing each other and ruining his scheme in the process!

Author, Mark E. Wilson, said;

“I am so excited to release my first full novel. I was inspired by the idea of a representative of one of the nations colonised by Britain coming to reclaim their stolen art and the awful Windrush scandal which saw British citizens being threatened with deportation. These ideas coalesced and I’ve been able to add my own take on twenty-first century Britain, with a sizeable amount of sarcasm.”

Mark E. Wilson has always been a writer, with poetry, prose, short stories, and non-fiction infrequently published or performed since the 1990s. He became a teacher after a long career in the media and is widely travelled. He currently lives in Surrey or Croydon, depending on who’s asking.

‘This Bloody Country’ is his debut novel and tackles themes of identity, politics, greed, and relationships. He promises that there are more novels to come across other genres.

Modern issues such as cultural appropriation, what comprises our identity, and the polarisation of our society are part of the plot. In addition, many cultural references and recognisable experiences, make this a relatable, enjoyable read which will be perfect for Summer Holidays getaway.