David Horn and Matt Hewison with the CyberWhite team

CyberWhite has officially opened its new headquarters in Defender Court, part of the Sunderland Enterprise Park on the banks of the River Wear.

The cybersecurity firm, which has a satellite office in Middlesbrough and was previously based in Seaham, will use its new office space to expand its offering of defensive products and support to businesses across the UK.

Following a successful period of growth since 2020, CyberWhite has purchased the two-storey office and is creating four jobs for local tech-experts.

David Horn, director at CyberWhite, said: “Our new office in Sunderland, which is much bigger than our old office, will give us an exciting opportunity to expand and develop our services.


“From this new office, we’ll be offering several services, including penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and exciting new things such as Viper, which is our own vulnerability scanning service.”

Matt Hewison, director at CyberWhite, said: “We’ve chosen to move office because we want to put ourselves in a good position to serve our clients more efficiently and to accommodate our staff and our growing team, because of the services we continue to evolve and develop.

“Our future plans are very clear and being in this new office will enable us to continue to serve our existing clients and to develop innovative solutions to support the wider cybersecurity community.”