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Technology provider, D-Tech International has been awarded a place on ESPO’s Library Hardware Solutions framework for another two years.

The ESPO 350_23 framework, available for use nationally by any public sector body in the UK since 2020, offers a quick, simple and competitive route to procure a wide range of library solutions. These include library RFID kiosks, self-service technology, library management systems and associated services.

James Breakell, D-Tech’s UK Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to renew our position on the ESPO 350_23 framework. It has given us greater access to the market, but it has also proved to be a big step forward for public libraries to benefit from technology that increases efficiency and reaches more library users.”

D-Tech’s technology solutions include self-service kiosks, 24-hour vending and lending, security solutions, staff stations, inventory and labels. These can also be included in its popular range of SMART lockers, giving libraries the option to mix and match capabilities such as device charging, media vending, or self-service. These lockers are fully customisable and can be installed internally or externally.


James explained the need for technology to free up staff time: “Libraries are as much about people and communities as they are about books. They have transformed into necessary social hubs and this, consequently, demands more from librarians than ever before. Not only are librarians leveraging the latest technology to improve access and user experience, but to spend more time supporting and engaging with patrons in other ways.”

As one of only six suppliers compliant with the framework, D-Tech can be appointed using efficient and streamlined procurement processes. This supports the ESPO framework’s aim to make technology solutions more accessible to libraries so they can provide flexible hours to meet the varying needs of different users within the community.