Drama Kids franchisees

This new year marked a joyous celebration in more ways than one for Drama Kids as they clinched the title of Best Nationwide Performing Arts Drama School Franchise of 2023 at the esteemed SME Northern Enterprise Awards. By shining a spotlight on their skill, enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, Drama Kids emerged victorious – solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the performing arts education sector.

Renowned for its dedication to fostering creativity and confidence in children through drama education, Drama Kids has steadily climbed the ranks in the performing arts industry. Built on the belief that every child harbours the potential for greatness, Drama Kids has crafted a curriculum that transcends conventional boundaries, emphasising not only acting skills but also crucial life skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking – a commitment that this year’s judges recognised.

“This award win is a phenomenal start to the year for Drama Kids,” said Becky Goodfield, COO of Drama Kids. “It sets the tone for a year filled with continued growth, innovation and the profound impact we aim to make in empowering young minds. It’s a recognition that serves as a catalyst for our team’s dedication, inspiring us to reach even greater heights in the transformative journey we embark upon with each and every child we teach.”

The SME Northern Enterprise Awards is a platform to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses and organisations across various sectors. This year, Drama Kids stood out among the competition, demonstrating excellence in both the quality of their programmes and their positive impact on young learners.


“The award not only acknowledges Drama Kids’ nationwide presence but also applauds our franchise model, which has played a pivotal role in positively impacting the lives of our franchisees. By spreading the transformative benefits of drama education to communities across the country, our franchise also provides a fulfilling and prosperous business venture for franchisees who join the Drama Kids family.”

This sentiment is echoed by Drama Kids’ network of equally award-winning franchisees who have felt the benefits of their tried and tested business model that has seen students and franchisees achieve success for more than 45 years.

“It’s great to see how our franchise is thriving, not just locally but across the UK and worldwide,” said Katie Anderson, Principal at Drama Kids Gloucestershire and last year’s Franchisee of the Year. “Over the last year, Drama Kids has made big changes to its brand, and it’s great to be recognised within the network as someone who has helped contribute towards that success. I’m very proud to have won Franchisee of the Year and look forward to another year of opportunities.”

Gareth Corke, Principal at Drama Kids Sussex and recipient of the recent Drama Kids Innovation Award, believes that what sets the brand apart is the impact of its curriculum on the children it teaches. “The success is in how we strive to make young people feel. It’s not dependent on whether you’re the best singer or dancer, or even whether you want to ultimately perform. It’s about feeling accepted for who you are, being encouraged to believe you can do more than you imagined and feeling part of something great each week. That’s pure gold.”

As Drama Kids celebrates this remarkable achievement, the focus remains on the future. As Becky Goodfield says, “This award isn’t just a celebration of our past successes but a motivation to push boundaries and continue positively impacting the lives of children and franchisees across the country through the transformative power of drama education. We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2024 has in store.”