Oli Ford

In a project driven to give back to those less fortunate this Christmas, a fleet of local window cleaners have temporarily repurposed their vans into ‘sleighs’ and have spent the festive period collecting toys and goods for Cardiff charities, Boomerang and The Toybox Project. The local network of My Window Cleaner vans, covering East and West Cardiff, the city centre and The Vale and Newport, have reached out to their local communities, collecting over 1,000 items to help those living in poverty enjoy some festive cheer this season.

Made up of the local My Window Cleaner fleet, the project has involved five Cardiff and Newport locals turned business owners, Oli, Gareth, Owen and Joyce and John. Oli has focused his efforts on collecting for Boomerang, helping the charity receive over 50 additional collection bags. Meanwhile, Gareth, Owen and Joyce and John have all focused their efforts on The Toy Box Project, reaching out to hundreds of their customers in the area via their online management software. All driven by the heart-breaking thought of imagining parents not being able to provide for their children this time of year, the local network’s efforts have been a true display of supporting the wider Cardiff community and its least fortunate.

Oli, who owns Cardiff city’s My Window Cleaner, said, “This project has been a mammoth effort over the last couple of months and we’re incredibly proud to see it pay off with families able to celebrate Christmas properly. As a local, I’m delighted to be able to help in any way I can. It’s my responsibility to use my business and resources for good for everyone’s benefit. I hope everyone can enjoy themselves this year and it feels incredible to have temporarily turned my van into a sleigh to make sure that can happen!”

“Being a part of this collection has truly been a highlight of our year,” added Joyce, co-owner of west Cardiff’s My Window Cleaner. “Being able to transform our business and operation into a true community-driven project over the festive season has been so rewarding and we’re delighted to be helping The Toybox Project reach more people than ever before. The success of this project is testament to our incredible customers and their generosity.”


Boomerang Cardiff started its journey dedicated to supporting those in poverty live with dignity and respect. Now also focusing on tackling health and wellbeing and improving education, with volunteers supporting from far and wide, founder Paul Gwilym is delighted to have been supported at this busy time of year.

“I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been involved with this project,” said Paul. “Thanks to Oli’s incredible work over the last couple of months, 750 more families in the community will be able to celebrate properly this year – he’s even been here late on Saturday nights to make sure everything’s organised and done properly! This project would’ve been impossible to complete without the incredible kindness and generosity of those local to Cardiff and those further afield. As we say at Boomerang, no one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone – that message has resonated across this project.”

The Toybox Project, meanwhile, ensures no toy goes unloved at times like this by rehoming them to those in need instead of sending them to landfill. Supplying to the NHS, schools, playgroups and more, the trio of My Window Cleaner businesses have ensured Christmas is accessible to all this year.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with My Window Cleaner in this endeavour,” said Toybox Project founder James Morgan. “Their commitment to community welfare and the initiative to collect toys from the families they serve align perfectly with our mission of bringing toys to those most in need.”