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Genius Group – a leading entrepreneur edtech and education group – is launching Genie AI on GeniusU, Genius Group’s Edtech platform, to further empower and engage users in their learning journeys.

Genie AI enables students to name and personalize their own learning path, which encourages students to create personalized learning paths based on their talents, passions, purpose, and personal goals.

Each AI guide follows Genius Group’s CLEAR philosophy of Connect, Learn, Earn, Act, and Review, which when used properly, works to enable daily steps to:

  • Connect each student to the communities, campuses mentors, and students within Genius Group’s global community of 4.3 million students and users to support their journey.
  • Learn with each student, recommending the courses, events, and programs to follow, from free courses and learning steps to vocational certifications, full bachelor’s degree programs, and MBA programs.
  • Earn GEMs (GeniusU’s student credit system) by taking CLEAR steps with the students and finding earning opportunities, from employment and entrepreneurial projects to investment opportunities that best fit each student.
  • Act on key action steps and learning plans based on each student’s learning style and learning goals.
  • Review steps taken to ensure effective ‘learning by doing’, both at an individual and group level when guiding classes and in-company learning.
  • The Genie AI integrates GeniusU’s Genie with OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Salesforce’s Einstein AI. The Alpha version of Genie AI has launched with a select user group, and the waitlist for the Beta version of Genie AI is now open for registration.

The Beta version is scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2023, and will launch within an upgraded version of GeniusU, optimized for students to have their own AI Genie guiding them on their lifelong learning journey. All students will have access to workshops to improve their AI-piloting skills alongside the existing courses focused on entrepreneurial, investing, and vocational skills.


Genie AI will be available for all students across GeniusU’s University Campus, Entrepreneur Campus, and Investor Campus in Q2, and all K-12 students in the School Campus later in 2023. With the launch of the Beta version, it will also be available for all GeniusU partners and companies.

CEO of Genius Group, Roger Hamilton, said

“While there are schools and universities banning students from using ChatGPT, new education systems will arise that will expect all students to have AI assistants. We see our Genius Curriculum as being one of the first in which learning with an AI assistant is compulsory, as the future will require us all to be AI pilots.”

“There is a danger that the acceleration of artificial intelligence will leave many behind. We believe the future of education lies in the equation: AI + HI = SI, where the combination of Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence results in “Superhuman Intelligence”. Our commitment at Genius Group is to support this integration as a global platform for superhuman learning.”