Multi-award-winning entrepreneur Mindy Gibbins-Klein has launched a ground-breaking new social impact initiative, Giving 1 Percent, with a view to encouraging more individuals to donate at least 1% of their net monthly income to charitable causes.

Charitable donations have experienced a significant decline in recent years, due to the pandemic, economic uncertainty, increased fear, and the rising cost of living. In fact, according to Benefact Group’s inaugural Value of Giving report, the value of charitable donations in 2022 fell by more than 50% (£4.3bn) in the UK, from the previous year.

Evidently, the need for support for nonprofits has intensified, highlighting the importance of coming together to address pressing social issues and reduce the impact of these factors on vulnerable communities.

Giving 1 Percent operates on a simple idea: discover your ‘giving number’, which represents a percentage of your net income. By visiting the Giving 1 Percent website, individuals can anonymously input their income and donation figures to calculate their giving number. This approach empowers individuals to assess their giving habits and consider how they can contribute meaningfully to charitable causes. In its first few weeks, the site has already recorded over $75k in existing monthly donations from charitable givers.


“Why 1%? I’m not saying people should stop there, but it’s a start,” Mindy explains. “Another way to phrase it is, could you live on 99% of your net income?” she adds. By asking this question, Mindy challenges individuals to look at their spending habits and prioritise giving back to causes they care about.

The inspiration for Giving 1 Percent came from Mindy’s personal experiences of growing two successful businesses but losing sight of her regular charitable giving.

“During the pandemic, I had time to reflect on a lot of things. I realised I was very fortunate to have had an exceptional few years in business. At that point though, I realised that my income had gone up but my giving hadn’t kept up,” Mindy shared. This sparked her journey to not only increase her own charitable donations but also inspire others to be more mindful of their giving.

Mindy’s vision for Giving 1 Percent goes beyond monetary donations; it embodies a philosophy of thoughtful leadership in action. Through this initiative, she seeks to create a ripple effect of positive change, inspiring individuals to be more conscious of their impact on society.

The initiative emphasises inclusivity and autonomy, refraining from suggesting specific charities or donation amounts. “We are not here to judge, nor do we want to suggest who you should give to,” the Giving 1 Percent website states. “Your contribution could help provide shelter to the homeless, feed a hungry child, look after a distressed animal, or provide life-saving medical treatment to someone in need.”

“The process is simple: calculate your giving number, add it to the total, and spread the word. By amplifying the message of Giving 1 Percent, we can collectively make a significant impact on many of the most pressing societal challenges faced today.” Mindy adds.