Cwmbran based glass recycling company Recresco has signed a one-year supply contract with Torfaen Council for kerbside collected glass into its Cwmbran depot. The company which is headquartered in Nottingham and operates out of plants at Ellesmere Port and Springvale Industrial Estate in Cwmbran, will process locally collected glass into its closed loop glass recycling programme.

The contract will see Recresco collecting around 200 tonnes of commercial and residential collected bottle glass from Torfaen Council each month. The glass will then be sorted and processed at Recresco’s state of the art Cwmbran plant for end use at Torfaen based Knauf Insulation which will take around 98% for the manufacture of fibreglass for the construction industry. Any excess flint glass will then make its way to Encirc in North Wales for bottle making. The deal provides a welcome boost to the local economy enabling continuous employment within the Torfaen community while helping to reduce waste and meet recycling targets.

Recresco Director, Tim Gent said of the contract “We are delighted to sign this supply contract with Torfaen Council, continuing the strong relationship we have built up in the local community.

“Effective recycling of glass has a positive environmental impact, reducing carbon emissions and keeping glass out of landfill. At Recresco, we use the latest glass sorting technology resulting in high quality recycled product and minimum waste. Collected glass will be processed and sorted at our Cwmbran facility and the majority will then make its way to Knauff Insulation, a large employer in the region. Leftover flint will be manufactured into new glass bottles locally meaning minimum waste and better environmental outcomes.


“We are passionate about supporting the local community and this supply contract will not only secure local employment but will assist in meeting recycling targets for the region”, Gent concluded.

A Torfaen County Borough Council spokesperson said: “At a time when recycling and environment is high on our agenda, it is reassuring to know that our mixed glass kerbside collection efforts are rewarded with effective processing and recycling. We are continually impressed by the professionalism and high standards shown by Recresco.

“Recresco is an excellent example of a business which uses closed loop recycling. Closed loop recycling preserves natural resources and reduces pollution. It also supports our economy with sustainable employment within the local area.”

About Recresco

Recresco is one of the leading Material Recycling companies in the UK. The company was the first recycling company to sort glass by colour, and the first to take glass sourced from materials recycling facilities (MRFs). Founded in Norfolk in 1978, this family business has large reprocessing facilities at Ellesmere Port and Cwmbran with its head office located in Nottingham.

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