GSquared founder creates the UK’s first workplace ‘stress test’

With work-related burnout on the rise, GSquared founder creates the UK’s first workplace ‘stress test’

A quantitative test that provides factual results on the level of health for a company’s employees.

 ‘Burnout’ is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an ‘occupational phenomenon’

With work-related stress named as the most common form of stress in the UK, and a staggering 79% commonly experiencing work-related stress, CEO and founder of GSquared Health Clubs, Andy McGlynn has created an innovative method for recognising burnout and implementing stress reduction in the workplace.

GSquared’s Corporate Wellbeing initiative is a first for corporate establishments, offering a non-invasive, simple saliva test for those employees with symptoms and conditions associated to adrenal dysregulation – commonly referred to as stress. The employees’ test results are then analysed and reported on at a clinical nutrition and functional diagnostic level, offering support and providing the tools for employees to help manage their stress levels. Not only will this initiative help employees’ health and wellbeing, it will also lead to a more dynamic company performance.

The impact of work-related stress lasts much longer than the hours of 9-5, with recent research showing that a total of 12.8 million working days were lost in just one year to stress, depression and anxiety. Andy McGlynn comments: “This highlights the importance for companies to support their staff and look for ways to reduce stress in the workplace and to be receptive to the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. What we are doing at GSquared, is the first step to recognising that.

“Mental health in the UK is more dominant today than ever before. We’re a very stressed-out nation and that’s a fact. Our corporate testing solution is a first of its kind for the industry; by providing crucial but simple adjustments to improve employees’ quality of life, energy levels, mental and physical performance with a diagnostic test, will, in turn, be a huge cost saving to the business, by avoiding and curbing potential key people taking time off work, alongside supporting both the health and personal lives of its employees.”