Love Logs - Smoking and Barbecue Fuel Kit

The consequences of mass consumerism and its impact on the environment is a growing cause of concern, with a recent study finding that 83% of consumers have switched brands or habits in the last year in order to be more eco-friendly. In response to this emerging trend, the UK’s first 100% plastic-free firewood retailer is challenging the notion that shopping has to come at a cost to the planet, with its new range of Barbecue and Smoking Fuel Kits.

Love Logs stocks a range of British firewood, kindling and natural firelighters and specialise in offering ‘Fuel Kit’ bundles for pizza ovens, chimineas, fire pits and log burners, which include everything you need to start and sustain a fire. Committed to sustainability while also ensuring accessibility for a wide demographic of customers via a fast-moving ecommerce business, Love Logs has one of the most diverse wood fuel offerings in the UK.

Commenting on the need for more companies to do their bit and champion sustainability, co-founder of Love Logs, Heather Emery, says:

“We’re passionate that all businesses – regardless of size – can have a huge positive environmental impact, and we are so proud to practice what we preach with our plastic-free ethos and tree-planting pledge in association with Eden Reforestation Projects. We’ve seen first-hand the rise in consumers making a conscious effort to shop more sustainably and it’s clear that the demand for environmentally-conscious products is only set to increase.

“We’re committed to offering our customers both sustainable and locally-sourced products and want people to feel confident that by buying from us, they’re not only supporting our small business but also helping to contribute positively to British suppliers and local economy, as well enabling us to grow our tree planting programme, with two trees planted for every order.”

After a successful start to 2021, the brand has launched its new Barbecue and Smoking range this month, which aims to help customers level up their barbecuing throughout summer and beyond. Customers will be able to choose from a Smoking Fuel Kit or Barbecue Fuel Kit, or simply buy sustainably sourced smoking chunks, all of which contain locally sourced, sustainable British charcoal and wood. With prices ranging from £6.95 – £48.95, the kits provide everything needed to light your barbecue and add epic wood flavours to your food.

“It’s really important to us that we’re able to diversify our offering to meet consumer demand and to be a driving force for change within our industry – no matter the size of the business. We’re really proud to be continuously expanding our range and allowing a broader range of customers to make more sustainable choices, and when we found out that more than 90% of charcoal used in the UK is imported, it felt like a natural next step,” concluded Heather.

All of Love Logs’ firewood and charcoal products are sustainably sourced from British woodland and are delivered to customers’ doors across the UK in 100% plastic-free packaging. Remaining true to its independent roots, the business actively supports local suppliers whenever possible: its firelighters, for example, are manufactured just 15 minutes away from its HQ, and charcoal less than an hour away.