How one couple is helping others achieve the perfect work-life balance

Your Freedom Empire's Paul and Hayley Andrews

A Birmingham couple who battled life-threatening illness to build a multi-million property portfolio are sharing their invaluable expertise to help those who may be facing an uncertain future of their own.

Industry leaders Hayley and Paul Andrews – who together founded Your Freedom Empire – have harnessed years of experience in buying and renting property to provide education and support to clients looking to change direction and have security in their financial future.

North Birmingham-based Your Freedom Empire offers those new to the property industry a series of in-depth online and in-class courses, training tracks and mentoring, which not only focus on financial success but also shine a spotlight on mental and physical wellbeing.

Your Freedom Empire co-founder Paul explains:

“The last six months have been understandably worrying and stressful. Almost overnight the Coronavirus pandemic fundamentally changed the way businesses work and many people are facing the prospect of uncertainty and redundancy. Yet at the same time it has also given them the opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones. That gets people thinking about what they want for their future, what they can do to change direction and, more importantly, how they can successfully achieve that elusive work-life balance.”

These cornerstones form the foundations of Paul and Hayley’s training business, having started their own property journey nearly 20 years ago as a way of creating financial freedom and security. Paul continues:

“Hayley was in the leisure and tourism industry and I was a computer programmer working on large-scale databases at the time. We loved property and were keen to shape a secure future for our family and so in 2002 we purchased our first buy-to-let.”

From there, the entrepreneurial husband and wife team developed an impressive showcase that ranged from smaller rental properties to larger 21-bed HMOs, hotels and commercial buildings. During their time in property, they have faced many personal challenges with Paul being diagnosed with a rare condition causing bleeds on the brain, which resulted in endless hospital visits, nervous waits for test results and major brain surgery. It was this experience that made them decide to adapt their business to help others achieve the kind of success that they had shared.

“It was literally on the way to the operating theatre that we both decided that if Paul came through this ok we would make it one of our life mission to help and assist as many other people as we could become property investors and control their financial future,” says Hayley.

“In that moment we learnt an invaluable lesson; time is the greatest commodity of all. Everyone deserves to live a life of their own design, doing what they want with the people they love. And that’s when Your Freedom Empire was born.”

Since launching their mentoring brand 14 years ago, Paul and Hayley have shared their passion for property with those eager to enter the world of investment and reach their goals. They have supported the learning of hundreds of clients all over the world through their innovative programme.

“Your Freedom Empire empowers people to re-envisage their own potential. Our core values are centred on the four Ls – “Live”, “Love”, “Laugh” and “Leave a Legacy”. As well as our courses and training programme, our mentors are there to guide people every step of the way. They have been carefully selected for their knowledge in property, business, mindset and health. Ultimately, we are producing professional property investors in the industry while also helping to rebuild areas and help to solve the UK housing crisis,” concludes Paul.