With the highly anticipated Barbie movie set to be released in the UK this Friday 21st July, interest in the iconic brand continues to mount, influencing fashion, entertainment and other consumer goods industries. Google searches for Barbie reportedly hit a five-year peak on 5th April after the movie’s second teaser was released. Since then, searches have continued to soar as promotion of the film has taken the world by storm.

This is a perfect example of a global consumer trend that ecommerce sellers can benefit from. Experts foresee that this will not only have an impact on product sales, but on the value of the toys themselves.

Tony Preedy, managing director of Fruugo, advises how independent sellers can capitalise on consumer trends such as ‘Barbie-mania’ and boost sales on a global level:

“While shopping around seasonal trends has declined over time, purchasing products related to trending pop culture phenomena – such as Barbie – has skyrocketed, with trends that occur in one country spreading rapidly around the world. These shifts in demand for goods can take place anywhere at any time, so knowing what is popular to sellers’ target customers is key for them to jump on the opportunities to boost turnover and profits.


“Crucially, to take advantage of pop culture phenomena, sellers need their trending products to be discovered by their target audience. To accomplish this, it’s important to generate more reach and visibility for their products by increasing the number of channels where their product range can be seen and purchased.

“Selling on cross-border marketplaces reduces the complexities of international ecommerce, enabling sellers to go beyond their domestic customer base and reach customers overseas. This is particularly important when it comes to benefiting from trends taking place in multiple markets.

“For a cross-border ecommerce strategy to be a success, being nimble, efficient, and having a fast route to market are top priorities. Therefore, having a synchronised inventory alongside localised marketing and an effective grasp of search engine optimisation are all required to draw customers to products and encourage sales.

“With the right platforms and tools in place, there’s no reason why sellers can’t connect with customers from all over the world at zero risk to themselves and benefit from trends that are spreading throughout multiple regions.”