Innovative platform launches to provide employees with a cost-effective wellbeing programme which accounts for all of the individual wellbeing needs of a diverse workforce.

January 1st 2022 sees the launch of Yodha, the world’s first connected health platform. The healthcare industry as a whole, has made gigantic leaps in embracing technology to improve access to care, but occupational health has been slow to follow suit. Yodha provides employees with integrated healthcare and wellbeing support for every employee, allowing employers to actively address the wellbeing needs of their workforce. The platform provides access to online GPs, Physio and Counselling as well as mental wellbeing resources, Epigenetics testing and completely digital health surveillance.

“We designed Yodha with no limits to the support we provide. Our mission was to create a single wellbeing programme, that all businesses, no matter where in the world they are, can offer to every employee and it will provide a truly unique wellbeing experience for each employee based on their individual needs.” ~ Jack Latus, Managing Director of Latus Health

Yodha was created with the remote workforce in mind, but as a result of Covid-19, the ability to support employees working from home or on a hybrid work pattern is more important than ever. Employees can also earn additional benefits and perks through Yodha thanks to the integration of the recently acquired Reward Me Now app.

Yodha has been created by Hull based Latus Health, who aim to disrupt the corporate health industry through innovative thinking. The firm, who are one of the city’s fastest growing businesses, have outlined ambitious growth plans for 2022 with targets to quadruple their workforce over the next 18 months. Latus Health began developing the platform after they identified many of their customers experiencing the same issue; it was impossible for companies to provide employees with a cost-effective wellbeing programme which accounted for all the individual wellbeing needs of a diverse workforce.

Employers and businesses can discover more on the Yodha website.

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