Icaros has landed - Fitness Options brings virtual reality flying machine to UK market

Fitness Options has celebrated its 30th anniversary by announcing a major distribution partnership with the award-winning virtual reality fitness machine – Icaros.

Fitness Options, based in Nottinghamshire, supplies high-end home and commercial fitness equipment alongside the design and installation of bespoke home gym solutions.

The award winning Icaros is a virtual reality experience to make exercise not only effective but more fun, according to Ray Needham, who co-owns Fitness Options with Wendy Howe and Karl Viner;

‘The market for home and commercial fitness equipment is ever changing but increasingly exploring more immersive technology, as we have seen with the success of virtual reality spin classes.


‘Securing Icaros is however quite a coup for us, as nothing like this has even been seen in the UK before. It is an incredible piece of fitness equipment that challenges the body and the mind.

‘We have already had enquiries from our commercial gym partners but we are confident that the Icaros will really appeal to the home-gym market. It really is a very eye-catching piece of technology that captures the imagination and let’s face it, who hasn’t had a dream where they are able to fly? Well, that’s now a virtual reality with Icaros.’

Fitness Options is celebrating 30 years of trading and whilst it acknowledges that times in retail are very challenging, the answer lies not being afraid to adapt or to make brave decisions, according to Ray;

‘We have a very large footprint here at our new Kirby-in-Ashfield showroom but it is actually slightly smaller than our previous unit in Long Eaton which at the time was the largest in the world.

‘However, as consumers shop online more and more, we’ve worked hard to find the happy medium, whether through our ecommerce store or, by coming into the store to experience our equipment first hand. The secret is in offering an experience, not just an outlet and with the Icaros, we certainly have that.’