Join the plastic-free laundry revolution – Eco Laundry Club launch eco-friendly laundry detergent

Plastic-free Eco Laundry Club sheets

Cutting down on plastic packaging is far from easy. This is why Eco Laundry Club has launched a plastic-free, zero-waste alternative to mainstream laundry detergent. It’s 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

Eco Laundry Club has come up with an ultra-concentrated laundry ‘sheet’, containing none of the toxic chemicals often found in detergents. Sheets are used in exactly the same way as a ‘pod’ and are placed directly into your washing machine, dissolving instantly in either hot or cold water.

The Club runs on a subscription basis and will send you out boxes at whatever frequency and quantity you prefer. Subscriptions can also be paused, amended or cancelled at any time from an online customer portal. For those subscribing during The Club’s current promotional period, deliveries will remain free for life.

The Club’s mission is to keep 1 million plastic detergent bottles out of landfill (or worse). Edward Newton, founder of Eco Laundry Club, reasons that recycling plastic is simply deferring the journey to landfill. By making an easy and painless change, a cumulatively significant impact could be had on the environment.

“I don’t think recycling plastic works, and I suspect a lot of people have no idea what actually happens to their plastic recycling…I think many would be surprised to learn that the UK exports a substantial amount of it, which often ends up dumped on a roadside overseas…and also, that once exported, it officially counts as being recycled…”

The BBC investigated the situation in June 2020 during which they filmed an interview with a specialist in marine plastic pollution, Dr Sedat Gundogdu, who had a message for the UK:

“They are sorting plastics, metals, etc…they are thinking they are doing something for the environment… they should know it is not coming [to Turkey] to be recycled…”

Newton’s view is that whilst he concedes plastic is a vital material, where there is a viable, practical alternative, it should be sought.

Join Eco Laundry Club during their promotional period, and enjoy a lifetime of free delivery. Each box contains up to 40 washes and costs £6.95 per box.