New wellness brand, Kacchi London, has unveiled a range of sustainable, vegan savoury condiments and marinades to support digestive health and immunity.

Young, female entrepreneur, Aradhana Bhandari, was inspired to launch the brand due to her own struggles with digestive health and her grandfather’s commitment to eating well following a difficult health spell.

Offering a host of health benefits, the new variety of meal accompaniments are backed by scientific journals and made from individually chosen fresh ingredients, including raw turmeric and curry leaf.

All of the Kacchi London products use unprocessed ingredients and are free from preservatives, sugar, oil and artificial colouring, and each item is packaged in reusable glass jars with fully recyclable labels and wrapped in 100% recyclable and biodegradable hive paper.

Aradhana Bhandari, founder of Kacchi London, said: “I realise now more than ever that health should not be a luxury – it’s a necessity for us all, and everyone should eat well.

“I truly believe that what you eat is reflected externally and influences all areas of life and, unfortunately, many peoples’ busy schedules mean their wellbeing is being compromised.

“Therefore, I began experimenting with my own recipes inspired by my Indian heritage and developed a range of completely natural, vegan meal accompaniments that can easily fit into even the busiest peoples’ diets.

“I have focused on making my packaging and presentation as environmentally conscious as possible, too, so people can add a new dimension to their food whilst being kind to the environment.”