Kalōnology Responsible Skin Care Pro Age Marine Skin Care Collection - Launched in September 2021

Kalōnology UK Limited launches it’s all new Pro-Age Marine skin care product line-up to the UK’s market in September 2021.

The Primary drivers behind launching the range are related to the founders first hand experience with his own skin – damaged by exposure to UVA & B rays over years of pursuing outdoor activities in harsh environmental conditions.

This together with experience related to working with many leading brands has raised some really important questions:

Why is it so difficult to find effective, clinically proven skin care products which exclude perfume and other outdated/legacy ingredients?
Most products are formulated and targeted towards a specific segment of the market – generally they are biased towards a female audience. A very limited range of modern, effective unisex products are readily available.

The Beauty industry is a leading plastics polluter – most of this plastic finds its way into our Oceans. Why are brands not reducing their reliance on plastic more expediently?

Finding a simple, effective daily skin care routine for him and her, one which defends against premature ageing of the skin and has an ultra low carbon footprint for all skin types is not as easy as it seems.

Kalōnology refers to the ideal state of being physically and morally beautiful. Their unique refill cartridge packaging solution is technologically advanced and facilitates the ability to look after your skin without the moral dilemma related to discarding large volumes of single use plastic packaging.

The product range includes a powerful Vitamin C Serum which is applied in the morning after cleansing and before the Pro-Age Marine Day Cream SPF 30.

At night, simply re-apply the Vitamin C Serum after cleansing and then apply the Pro-Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream – it really is that simple and it’s perfect for him and her with all skin types!

The entire product range is 100% natural, contains no chemicals and nothing was harmed during the manufacture of their products. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, grown and harvested – and they are vegan friendly.

The product range was subjected to a modern 12 week clinical study. Each product being a component of the detailed anti-ageing program – being the full range. Results were measured throughout the program but in as little as four weeks a marked improvement in the firmness of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles was observed via state of the art, calibrated test equipment in a formal laboratory environment. The study included placebo.