Ariel of Broomfield Farm

Keyland Developments Ltd, the property trading arm of Kelda Group and sister company to Yorkshire Water, has secured planning consent from Scarborough Council to create 290 homes at Broomfield Farm in Whitby. The new development could deliver in the region of 700 new jobs for the Whitby area.

The circa 23 acre vacant site, which is the largest former Yorkshire Water residential site in Keyland’s portfolio, is located adjacent to Stainsacre Lane, a direct route between Whitby and Scarborough, and close to the established Whitby Business Park and Eskdale Park residential area.

Keyland has secured consent to transform the well-connected site, in a ‘six capitals’ approach to sustainable development, into a mixed residential use scheme of up to 290 homes of different types with vehicle access, spine road, associated infrastructure and public open space.

The planning permission allows a mix of housing types to come forward at the site, including volume house builders, later living housing and self and custom build plots. This is to open the site to a range of housing providers to allow the delivery of different types, forms and tenures of housing to meet the diverse housing needs within Whitby and the wider Borough, whilst also speeding up delivery rates.

The site will be delivered in two phases, the first of which will be launched to market in the coming months. Phase 2 will deliver a 60 plot custom and self build village. Keyland is working closely with Scarborough Borough Council on the village and the scheme has been included within the Council’s bid to Government for Towns Deal funding.

Home types across the site will include apartments, bungalows, terraced houses, townhouses, semi-detached houses and detached houses, with the primary focus being the provision of three and four bedroom properties to cater for local needs.

In addition to creating some 700 new jobs and significantly contributing to the local housing requirements and economy, the new development will also create health and well-being benefits for new and existing residents through improved access to the Cinder Track and a substantial amount of local green infrastructure.

Luke Axe, Strategic Land and Planning Manager at Keyland Developments, said; “We are delighted to have received planning consent to bring forward Broomfield Farm. It is an excellent example of how our new approach to development, taking a ‘six capitals’ approach, ensures that all demographic needs can be met with an inclusive, sustainable development uniting different housing products. Scarborough Council’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and our own evidence showed that there is a significant need and demand for different forms of housing within Whitby and the Borough, which is currently not being met by the housing market. Therefore to make a significant contribution to these housing needs, and the economy through large scale job creation, is an excellent result.”

Keyland Developments Ltd is the property trading arm of Kelda Group and sister company to Yorkshire Water. Keyland has been operating across Yorkshire for over 20 years, regenerating Yorkshire Water’s redundant sites. In addition to its work transforming former Yorkshire Water land, the team also works alongside independent landowners, corporates or regulated bodies to overcome obstacles to development on strategic sites in order to facilitate regeneration by securing planning consent for future use.