Cate Murden - Founder and coach at PUSH

PUSH, a leading wellbeing and performance company supporting fast growing companies unlock their human potential and achieve peak performance, is marking World Mental Health Day (10 October) with their most ambitious event to date.

The virtual event, ‘What’s Your Story?’ – taking place on 9th and 10th October and hosted by founder and coach, Cate Murden – will bring together 20 inspirational people and invite them to share their honest stories and personal challenges via the PUSH YouTube channel.

From entrepreneurs to DJs and broadcast figures, interviewees will share their mental health journeys and the tools used to manage their minds and their ups and downs. These include Ruari Fairbairns, Co-Founder and CEO of One Year No Beer; Helen Tupper, Co-Founder and CEO of Amazing If; British club DJ, Brandon Block; Multi-Award Winning International Speaker, Hayley Mulenda and Natasha Devon, MBE, to name a few.

With recent reports suggesting that up to 10 million people in England alone may need support for their mental health as a result of Covid19 measures, it’s important to normalise the discussions around mental health and inspire people to reach their own potential – as well as giving them practical tips to be able to achieve just that.

Cate Murden, Founder and coach at PUSH, adds “This year has been incredibly challenging and the toll on people’s mental health is undeniable. It’s important to organise these discussions around mental health and provide the tools to teach people how to identify, cope, and overcome their mental health issues in order to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

“Our 30minute sessions will happen on the hour on 9th and 10th October and will be an awesome mix of inspiration and practical application of how you can improve your mental health – from people that you know, love and, most importantly, can relate to.”

‘What’s Your Story?’ is free to join.

For every person joining the event, PUSH will donate £1 to Mind with the goal of the event to reach at least 1,000 sign-ups.

Cate will be joined by:

Friday, October 9th

10am: Cate Murden, Founder and coach at Push & Helen Tupper, Co-founder & CEO of Amazing If
11am: Sebastien Foucan, Founder of Foucan Method and coach
12pm: Hayley Mulenda, Multi-Award Winning International Speaker
1pm: Matthew Knight, Independent strategy and innovation partner
2pm: Natasha Devon MBE, Body image, mental health campaigner and LBC presenter
3pm: Matthew Shaw, Editor at BBC News and founder of
4pm: Peter Hall, Principal consultant at Vercida Consulting
5pm: Alex Lewis, Co-founder of Wild Wheelchairs and quadruple amputee

Saturday, October 10th

10am: Cheryl Telfer, Wellness coach and recipe creator
11am: Paul Mort, Author
12pm: Luke Ashworth, Entrepreneur
1pm: Brandon Block, British club DJ
2pm: Ben Williams, Tech entrepreneur and business coach
3pm: Cate Sevilla, Author, journalist and editorial consultant
4pm: Ruari Fairbairns, Co-Founder and CEO of One Year No Beer
5pm: Charlie Craggs, Award-winning author, activist and speaker