Rorie Devine

A London-based business growth agency has expanded its services to six countries, following double-digit growth in 2020.

SME Gro.Team now has a range of advisors on hand to provide support to the US, Canada, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. It has tailored its website to the various local markets following both the successful delivery of several ad-hoc overseas projects, and a spike in online traffic and enquiries from across each country.

Gro.Team has worked in the UK with the likes of Google, Amazon, WhatsApp, Sky, Tesco, Betfair, HSBC and the BBC. The firm advises on all aspects of business development including attracting investment, pricing, marketing, recruitment and customer focus.

The agency has already experienced success overseas. Prior to formally launching in the US, it supported New York-based startup amzLenders, a finance provider to Amazon sellers. The company was struggling to deliver the technology changes they needed with local talent, so GRO.TEAM provided a UK-based, part-time chief technology officer to support their development.


Following a period of substantial growth, the business was eventually acquired by eCommerce specialist, SellersFunding.

Loraine Bautista, amzLenders’ chief operating officer, said: “Gro.Team have been amazing. They are really customer focused and connected us with someone with very deep experience in the areas we needed. They shared the savings made from remote working with us, so also proved very cost-effective as well.”

Rorie Devine, from the Gro.Team founding team, said: “We’re particularly excited to be expanding across the globe and are confident we can generate success for our overseas clients, as we have done for businesses closer to home.

“The level of traffic and enquiries we experienced from these new areas was at a point where it made sense to operate in the local markets, and in doing so collaborate more effectively. We can’t wait to get started.

“Given our growth, we’re confident we can further extend our services next year. Watch this space.”