ecofleet mindful delivery

The founder of London’s revolutionary sustainable mobility service ecofleet mindful delivery, Farah Asemi, has this week announced her expectation of a more permanent shift towards delivery by bike, as the UK emerges from the Covid19 lockdown with a clearer focus on environment friendly solutions.

With air quality globally improving due to government enforced lockdowns, Farah foresees an uptake in delivery solutions which do not damage the environment, with most diesel delivery vans emitting pollution levels up to 20x the legal limit. Farah founded ecofleet – mindful delivery; a sustainable delivery service using electric cargo bikes, boasting a fleet of over 20 bikes and 17 full time members of staff. Their delivery time is faster and more efficient than any van or parcel car, and all of the drivers are highly trained and fully employed by the company.

Commenting on her business experience of the Covid19 crisis, Farah explains:

“The past three months have been devastating to all members of our community. More than 42,000 people have died, hundreds of thousands have been infected with the virus, many businesses have closed down permanently, and our beloved NHS staff have worked tirelessly to get us through the pandemic. SMS ecofleet has faced its own share of challenges during this time. Launched in September 2019 with a fleet of 20 electric cargo bikes and an electric van, the business gained great traction with customers large and small who enjoyed the white glove superior quality service of our team and our state-of-the-art software”.


She added: “Following the lock down in late March, more than 95% of our regular customers ceased operations as they were primarily catering to either restaurants or corporate. Other than providing some delivery services for NHS staff on a free complimentary offer, we also reduced our operations significantly during the lockdown but we have resumed operations again this week. What is evident so far is that most people are hesitant to go back to work either because they are concerned about health and safety during public commuting, or worried about lack of social distancing at the office. Many have enjoyed the “new work from home experience” spending time with family while saving commute time and we hear more and more people saying they would not resume “normal” work at the office till the 4th quarter or even as late as 2021!”

Looking to the future, Farah Asemi is adjusting the focus of her company ecofleet.

“We are now focusing our attention to home and community-wide delivery from high streets. We expect to see an increasing permanent shift to commuting and delivery by bikes and electric scooters in the near future. All this is wonderful for the environment specially in congested large metropolitan areas suffering from air pollution”.