Stacy Thomson, founder of REDDI

As the new year unfolds, singles around the globe gear up for ‘Dating Sunday,’ this year on the 7th January. Renowned dating app and matchmaking expert, Stacy Thomson, founder of the REDDI app unveils strategic insights to help singles make the most of this prime opportunity for romantic connections.

What is Dating Sunday?

Studies indicate a remarkable uptick in dating app usage on the first Sunday of the year, a trend continuing to gain momentum. With over 50% of singles setting dating-focused resolutions for 2024, Sunday, January 7 (specifically, between 8 pm to 10 pm), emerges as the new Dating Olympics for those earnestly seeking love.

Ensure You’re REDDI


The hype of the New Year can bring undue pressure. It’s crucial to take a moment to assess if you genuinely feel ready to date. Resist external pressures and only pursue a partner when it feels right. Reflect on past relationships, identify goals and values, and cultivate personal passions to gauge your readiness.

Choose the Right App

Just as seeking love in a circus may lead to encounters with clowns, selecting the right dating app is key. Research and choose a platform aligning with your goals, values, and seriousness about finding a life companion. Consider factors like entry barriers and safety measures to optimize your dating experience. REDDI the app which Thomson founded uses attachment style theory.

Stacy Thomson, 44 from London says “Attachment styles are like the blueprint of our emotional connections. Understanding and aligning these styles can significantly enhance the compatibility and longevity of romantic relationships”.

Invest Time in Your Profile

Your profile is your digital introduction, and a well-crafted one can open doors to countless matches. Prioritize refreshing your profile with new photos and carefully considered details about yourself. Showcase not just physical attractiveness but also your interests and unique qualities. A complete bio can lead to a 40% increase in matches.

Quality Over Quantity

Reflect on the tumultuous events of 2022 and use them to guide your intentions. Focus on quality connections rather than superficial ones. Prioritise meaningful relationships over short-lived situationships. Be decisive in pursuing matches aligned with your long-term goals.

Be Bold

Dating Sunday is a competitive arena. Don’t wait for others to make the first move. Act boldly by initiating conversations with intriguing matches. Stand out by asking thoughtful questions or commenting on profile details. Elevate yourself above the competition and seize the opportunity.

Take Rejection Gracefully

Rejection may sting, but it’s a necessary filter. View rejection as a gift, sparing you from investing time in incompatible matches. Remember that not everyone is your match, and that’s okay. Embrace Dating Sunday, maintain a positive outlook, and make intentional choices in your dating journey.

Even if you don’t find an immediate match, the abundance of keen singles awaits. Approach 2024 with positivity and intentionality, making smart choices that shape your dating future. Be brave, as there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. And there’s only 6 weeks to go to Valentine’s Day and who knows what can happen!