Manchester drinks brand Vin Crowd

A poll by Manchester drinks brand Vin Crowd reveals one in 10 Brits believe they have saved between £251 and £500 per month during the 2020 pandemic due to social restrictions.

Despite hardship across the UK, a third of people surveyed claimed to have banked £100 to £150 per month – with nearly 10% estimating to have saved between £501 and £750.

From cancelled lunches and cocktails to delayed holiday plans, the poll of 2,000 people interestingly found women to be the biggest savers in the pandemic, on average banking 10% more than men.

With the pubs closed and socialising restricted to bubbles, millennials (25 to 34-year-olds) were the most likely to cash in on savings – saving an average £70 more a month than any other age group.


A change in behaviour; when asked what socialising looked like in the winter of 2020, nearly a third of Brits said they had opted for movie nights in instead of going ‘out-out’. More than 20% confessed their social circle had become increasingly cautious about socialising, with a third opting for free activities with pals to avoid planning, booking, or spending on activities.

Interestingly, the poll by Vin Crowd, found nearly one in five believed they are now ‘closer’ to their social circle.

And a quarter said socialising was now low-key and outdoors – opting for bonfires, winter BBQs and winter picnics in and around lockdown restrictions.

Drinks expert, Nathan McGivern, from Manchester-based drinks company, Vin Crowd, said: “2020 has really opened people’s eyes to socialising at home, it has made people be more creative and encouraged them to embrace the simple moments with friends and family.

“While we are all craving a live music gig, a festival or even a spontaneous late-night on the tiles, pre-mixed spritzers, like Vin Crowd, are a fun way to bring a little bit of the party to the park or back garden this winter.”

It is safe to say we have had it with virtual gatherings, with just 5% planning a virtual Christmas party, zoom ‘Come Dine with Me’ or online cocktail making classes.

Vin Crowd is a pre-mixed, canned spritzer available in three flavours, launched this year by Manchester-based independent drinks company Kingsland Drinks.

Vin Crowd is currently stocked in selected Co-op, Costcutter and Nisa stores and is also available on the skinny booze website. From January the cans will be on offer in Co-op £3.50 for two cans.