Inspired by the idea that all good things deserve longer lives, True North’s new brand campaign for Age UK is as smart as it is simple, drawing parallels between the rejuvenated second-hand products found in its shops and the people the charity helps to enjoy later life.

There were two challenges that Age UK needed solving: to encourage donations of items to fuel Age UK’s network of around 250 stores in the UK, and to boost awareness of the charity’s sustainability credentials.

True North’s masterstroke was in combining the two: if an item has served you well, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t serve someone else well too. And by helping fund Age UK’s activities, you are also transforming that item into a new lease of life for an older person.

Tapping into the familiar scenario whereby our once-loved items become faded, forgotten and ultimately discarded, the copy-led campaign uses a versatile four-line structure to bring that journey full-circle.

For instance, a vase goes from your mantelpiece, to your spare room, to your loft – but it could take pride of place on someone else’s mantelpiece. A dumbbell goes from daily, to weekly, to yearly use – but it could get a daily outing again. And a pair of heels goes from loved, to liked, to loathed, and finally loved once more.

To complete the circle, each execution emphasises a practical area in which Age UK provides support. The vase is a home comfort that reminds us of how older people need help around their homes; sports equipment like the dumbbell remind us of the need to rejuvenate tired joints; the heels remind us of the need for podiatry care.

Kathi Hall, Head of Content Strategy and Brand, Age UK commented,” It’s really thoughtful stuff, beautifully done.  You got the Age UK vibe – which is marvellous and the hardest thing to get right!  It is great to be able to roll this out and give the shops some of their own identity.”

“We’ve created a year’s worth of creative in advance, to give maximum impact on a modest budget”, said Ady Bibby, True North Managing Director. He added, “The campaign can flex with the seasons, catering to everything from Christmas gifts to the peak house-moving period in the Summer. It also translates across many seasonal Age UK activities such recruitment, gift aid and raffles.”

As well as rolling out across the charity’s digital and social channels, the campaign will have a strong presence within Age UK’s stores – from window displays, to posters behind tills, to smaller details such as shelf edges, tags and labels.