Industry leader, So Pure Beverage Technology, and independent vegan eatery, Land Restaurant, have come together to ensure that no matter your taste in coffee or dietary requirements, you can enjoy high quality coffee without compromising on taste or flavour. The two Midlands-based businesses have joined forces as research shows coffee drinkers choosing plant-based milk is on the rise.

With So Pure’s state-of-the-art Barista Piccolo tabletop coffee machine now installed in the restaurant’s city-centre Great Western Arcade location, Land Restaurant is set to deliver an unbeatable barista experience to its customers throughout 2021 and beyond that doesn’t compromise on flavour or taste whilst remaining vegan-friendly.

So Pure offers an impressive range of tabletop coffee machines that boast Swiss-made precision and state-of-the-art designs. Drawing on years of experience crafting the perfect espresso, they supply commercial clients all over the globe and hope to extend their reach to new trade markets, with the touch of a button.

Adrian Luck, Head Chef at Land Restaurant, commented on the collaboration:

“It’s always been our mission to offer high quality, innovative fine dining for vegans and non-vegans alike across the West Midlands, and we’re delighted to be partnering with So Pure to make this a reality. After noticing a huge spike in coffee sales over the past year, we knew it was time to upgrade our facilities in order to both meet and exceed customer expectations.

It’s a common misconception that for those who choose dairy alternatives over traditional cow’s milk are ‘missing out’ and we hope that our new So Pure machine proves that this certainly isn’t the case.”

Suky Matharu, Managing Director of So Pure, comments:

“We are delighted to be working with another highly-rated, local business to deliver the best coffee in the Midlands, thanks to our cutting-edge equipment. Our classic Barista Piccolo creates high-performance drinks every time, regardless of your taste in coffee and milks. We are confident that Land Restaurant will continue to serve up an unbeatable barista experience, no matter your diet or taste in coffee

With a record £12m in sales for the plant-based food and drink category in the first two weeks of 2021 alone, it’s clear that growing consumer demand for vegan-friendly options will be an upward trend over the coming months. On the back of our most recent product launch, the So Pure Ivory edition (which is suitable for all types of milk) we are committed to offering inclusive coffee solutions to our customers.”

With a winning combination of market-leading milk foam temperature control technology and uniform performance for all types of milk, So Pure’s newest product, The Ivory, uses 100% fresh milk to create a perfectly-crafted cup of coffee every time. With 16 milk foaming options to choose from, the So Pure Fresh Milk Ivory can ensure that any milk can be heated to the correct temperature for the ideal micro-foam