Sania Group has announced plans to accelerate growth at scale, post-pandemic, with the appointment of Mohamed Chaudry as interim Chief Financial Officer.

Highly experienced in the food and beverage industry, Chaudry was former Group Chief Financial Officer of FoodHub, where he spent three years helping the brand establish itself as the UK’s premier online food delivery company growing from having 2,500 takeaways to over 24,000 on its portal. With the support of Chaudry’s financial expertise, FoodHub expanded into 6 countries employing approximately 700 staff in 2020/21. Now, he is bringing his experience from both his past roles and current appointment as interim CFO at Seajet systems, as well as a breadth of funding connections, to Sania Group.

Sania Group is a brand partner of Pizza Hut Delivery, German Doner Kebab, Master Franchisee of Café Barbera and You Me Sushi, Sania Group is currently operational in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, and South Wales. And is now seeking to expand throughout the UK, while increasing its brand portfolio. Established in 2013, the group started with a single site and has evolved to incorporate more than 400 employees across the UK. Building a portfolio of brands, including cafe Barbera, and sushi concept store You Me Sushi, as well as having ownership of three German Doner Kebab outlets. With the support of Mohamed Chaudry as interim CFO, the group is working towards post-pandemic upscaling. Seeking new funding opportunities and acquisitions of existing franchisees for significant expansion, both in operational reach, and brand ownership, with goals to both double the number of franchise sites and add a further three franchise brand partners to its portfolio.

Mohamed Chaudry comments: ‘It’s an honour to have been invited to take on the role of Sania Group’s CFO. The company is at a really interesting stage of development, and with the right funding, has a huge amount of potential just waiting to be unleashed.

‘I’m really excited to get started, and see what we can achieve together.’

Ali Mubarak, Sania Group CEO adds: ‘We are delighted to welcome Mohamed Chaudry to the Sania Group team. His vast experience within the food and hospitality sector makes him the perfect fit for the business – he understands the challenges that we’re going to face throughout the business expansion because he’s already navigated them for other organisations.

‘This is a truly important time for Sania Group, and it’s wonderful to have the support of someone so experienced in the field. Exciting times are ahead!’