Dani Wallace

A motivational speaker has helped inspire the confidence of parents impacted by a largely-unknown type of domestic abuse.

Individuals supported by PEGS, which focuses on Child to Parent Abuse, were invited to attend an exclusive webinar led by Dani Wallace.

Dani, herself a survivor of domestic abuse, is considered one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and now spends her days coaching would-be business owners on how best to launch their venture.

She reached out to numerous groups, including PEGS, to offer a session with her – something which PEGS’ Founding Director Michelle John eagerly agreed to.

Michelle said: “Having seen Dani in action before, I knew the positivity, realism and courage she brings to a session would be so beneficial for our parents, many of whom are living in situations where they are being abused physically, verbally, or financially as often as daily.

“As predicted, Dani’s session provided so many useful take-aways for the group, with advice I know they will all find useful going forward. It was extremely light-hearted and focused on confidence building, which is something many of our parents struggle with.”

Afterwards, attendees were unanimous in their positive feedback – calling Dani, ‘motivational’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘real, funny and genuine’.

Dani said: “It was a real honour to deliver a session for PEGS. It is so important to recognise all who experience domestic abuse. It truly is a genderless and generationless crime, made even more difficult when it is experienced at the hands of someone that you are supposed to protect yourself.

“Reminding these parents that they are worthy of self-love was truly a blessing.”

PEGS is a not-for-profit which has supported more than 1,500 parents impacted by Child to Parent Abuse, a term which incorporates a range of abusive or violent behaviours displayed by children of any age (including those who have reached adulthood) towards parents, carers and guardians as well as siblings, pets and others in their family.

Between 3% and 10% of UK households are estimated to be impacted by CPA, although exact numbers are difficult to ascertain given significant under-reporting and the lack of research until fairly recently.

As well as advocacy, drop-in sessions, peer support and a confidence and coping technique programme for parents, PEGS runs courses for front-line professionals on how to recognise and respond to CPA. Michelle also consults with organisations such as the Home Office, and regularly raises awareness through speeches and events.

Search PEGS Support online or on social media to find out more about the organisation – and search I Am Queen Bee to find out more about Dani and her work.

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