Photo by Ales Nesetril

Navenio, a global leader in intelligent Workforce Solutions featuring innovative Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) designed for hospitals and health systems, announced today that CEO Connie Moser will be speaking at HLTH 2023 with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the Healthcare Accelerator Innovation Showcase.

Moser will present during an AWS-sponsored event, due to Navenio’s selection and participation in an exclusive AWS Healthcare Accelerator program earlier this year. The event details are as follows:

HLTH 2023 Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall Date: October 8, 2023 Time: 1:10 PM—2:00 PM PST Location: The HLTH Show Floor, Start-up Stage

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator Innovation Showcase will feature presentations from early-stage organizations that have participated in one of the five AWS Healthcare Accelerator cohorts to date. Solution focus areas include digital health, health equity, aged care, and the healthcare workforce. Moser, who will be part of an eight-person panel, will present the Navenio RTLS technology, including key problems solved, exceptional customer outcomes and the value of empowering nursing staff to drive efficiencies across the majority of core hospital functions.


Moser commented, “Navenio’s transformative workforce efficiency tool uses innovative infrastructure-free technology to drive improved patient outcomes, enhanced staff collaboration and satisfaction and improved revenues and margins. At a time when the nursing shortage continues to be a major concern for US hospitals, (lite) cellphone-based technology offers an affordable solution to do more with less.”