Fantastic Service Launch new Clubhouse Concierge

Leading home service provider, Fantastic Services, have today launched a new concierge service for time poor Clubhouse users – as the latest social media craze reaches over six million downloads.

The new Clubhouse Concierge service offers members the opportunity to pay £12 per hour for the Fantastic Services team to monitor their Clubhouse account until it’s their time to speak – saving potentially countless hours of waiting time.

The invite only, audio centred app, has shot to prominence in 2021 with famous users including tech entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and rapper Drake.

The app allows members to join virtual rooms that hold real time conversations on anything from tech to travel and wealth and wellbeing, with the opportunity to speak to a room poetically filled with influential people – but where long waiting times for your turn can be encountered.

Rune Sovndahl, Co-Founder of Fantastic Services – who typically offer domestic services including cleaners, gardeners and removals – says, “Our business is designed to help time poor individuals maximise the minutes in their day by focusing on the things that are the most important to them – like work and family. We have seen that our clients are wasting hours on Clubhouse waiting for a turn to speak for 30 seconds, so wanted to offer a solution to help.”

Rune continues, “Especially during lockdown, many people have limited time – with balancing kids, home schooling, work and other Zoom meetings – you just can’t afford to sit and wait in an app. So we have acted quickly to provide a solution to the trend and feel this service will be incredibly popular based on trends we have experienced in the past.”

Fantastic Services previously offered customers the opportunity to walk up to 10km a day to help “hatch” eggs and catch Pokémon, during the height of the Pokémon Go craze in 2016 in a service that proved popular with Londoners especially.

Rune continues, “We have plenty of phones in our call centre to be able to safely login and listen to a Clubhouse room until it’s your turn. We are used to helping people save time through our cleaning, gardening and other home services – where the principle is the same. We want to help people save time and are here to help Clubhouse users make the most efficient use of their membership and opportunities to speak – really it’s no different than hiring a cleaner to tidy your home, so you can focus on the more important things happening in your life.”

Fantastic Services offer a Clubhouse Concierge at £12 per hour to listen, wait and notify users when it’s their turn to speak with the service also including:

  • Clubhouse room moderation;
  • Inviting users with multiple pings until they join your room;
  • Outreaching potential guests and connecting;
  • Profile optimisation (see your profile follows while time spent on Clubhouse)
  • Strategic invite management

The service is available now via the Fantastic Services App and online via the Fantastic Services website.

Fantastic Services
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